LAN networks

A properly functional LAN network is the precondition for successful management of any company.

It allows it to communicate with the world and share peripherals such as scanners or printers among many computers. SKK SA has a broad experience in constructing and modernizing local networks.

Our offer includes:

  • Designing LAN networks in various topology
  • Selection of network elements of renowned manufacturers (switches, firewall routers)
  • Comprehensive implementation, configuration of safety policies, VAL, DHCP, QoS, VPN, ACL
  • Segmentation of network, safety issues
  • Modernization of network (replacement of switches, routers, advanced configuration)
  • Structural copper and fibre optic cabling along with accessories
  • Installation of distribution points with passive and active equipment
  • Integration of new areas with an existing network
  • Measurements and verification of cabling using professional equipment